Made in the USA

Mod Mom Furniture: Made in the USA

After years of building every order by hand in my workshop, we partnered with an Amish furniture manufacturer from my home state of Ohio back in 2010. Our commitment to keeping production for the US market in the US is stronger than ever.




As we mentioned before, L&J Woodworking in Dundee, Ohio is not only our manufacturer for our heirloom quality furniture, they are like family.  There is a mutual respect that goes far beyond a business contract.  In fact, we do not have a business contract in writing.  We have a handshake contract that has served us well for the past 3 years. All of our completely assembled products are made-to-order and shipped from L&J in Ohio.  Even though we differ greatly in how we run our businesses (electricity, computers, etc), our missions are the same. We strive to manufacture the best handcrafted eco-friendly kids furniture in America.  We are very proud of not only our relationship with Ray Yoder and his team at L&J, but what we've been able to grow over the past six years.  And keep it here in the heartland!


We're always looking for the best, safest wood on the market and we found it with Columbia Forest Products Purebond line of plywood!  We are thrilled to share that we are now sourcing our plywood from US-based Columbia ensuring we are providing North American made, zero-formaldahyde ply for our products. 

Most ply is imported so we are very excited to be one of the few American furniture companies to produce using American made, eco-friendly plywood. 

According to Todd Vogelsinger, Columbia Forest Product’s director of marketing, PureBond plywood offers a level of enduring quality that can be found only in real hardwood panels.  “But PureBond is also a healthy choice for families and children because it’s made with an EPA award-winning, soy-based, no-added formaldehyde technology.  It’s a unique product that has proven to be very popular with careful consumers.” Vogelsinger noted.