PureBond Wood


What the Mod Mom Furniture Partnership with Columbia Forest Products Means To You
"Our partnership with Mod Mom is all in the interest of providing great design, value, healthy indoor air, American-made material 
and craftsmanship."
 -- Todd Vogelsinger, Director of Marketing at Columbia Forest Products

As you know, Mod Mom was built in a 400 square foot garage right here in the US.  As we've grown, we made 
it our
mission to continue to work with companies who are based in the US and are offering the best quality 
material for our
customers.  Enter Columbia Forest Products and their product, zero-formaldahyde Purebond 
plywood.  We are now
one of a handful of companies based in the US and sourcing our wood from a US 
company as opposed to sourcing it
overseas.  And we couldn't be more proud about that!  



It begins in the forest, where Columbia takes responsibility for the sustainable harvesting practices used. Columbia employs
a certified team of professional foresters to work with landowners and develop timber plans that assure long-term health of
the forested property.

Once in the mills, Columbia recycles scrap for fueling furnaces, and sell residual material to others who use it as mulch or
other products. And because they are converted to the PureBond system, the benefits of soy-based, formaldehyde-free
technology are enjoyed by employees in the mills, at customer shops and now by you the Mod Mom consumer.

Improving indoor air quality is a great idea for you and your family. And reducing the amount of formaldehyde in your
home is a smart way to protect the quality of your indoor air.

With Columbia Forest Products' cost-effective PureBond decorative hardwood plywood, you'll get the rich, warm appeal
of fine wood without the added formaldehyde found in many traditional panel products. As proof, PureBond veneer core
plywood is compliant with the United States Green Building Council in their LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design) Program guidelines for Low-Emitting Materials. It's also CARB Phase 2 certified.

So now you can breathe easier!