Story Behind Pure Mod

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Story Behind Pure Mod

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Samantha Cobos (LEED AP, Allied ASID), of PURE Inspired Design, and Kiersten met several years ago on social media.  As self proclaimed fans of each other's work, they watched (and cheered each other on) as their respective businesses grew.  One day, while talking about expansion, they hatched a plan to put their heads together to design custom, luxury, organic soft goods and upholstered furniture that blended well with Mod Mom's existing lines.  And so PureMod was born!! 

We are proud to have Samantha on board as our Director of Textile Design and our in-house interior design consultant.  If you are looking to create a mod look for your home and would like to discuss custom design options for any room in your house, please reach out to us at and Samantha will get back to you.

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PureMod is a collection of upscale, organic, American-made textiles and upholstered furniture.